Monday, February 8, 2010

Ridin' with Hondo. volume 2

This column is intended to keep the reader abreast of ongoing training efforts that Eki and his partner experience as they move toward the holy grail of bike races, the Trans Iowa V. 6. Any and all similarities of said training partner to humans acquainted with or related to the reader are purely coincidental. The writer deeply apologizes for disturbing qualities that may exist between others and the "partner".

The plan to ride with Hondo took shape early Saturday morning in the form of a rare phone communique between this writer and the "partner". The conversation rolled as laughter and self deprecating humor flowed from Hondo while he spewed his interpretation of the recently completed Arrowhead 135. In fact, if these stories came from any one other than Hondo they would not be believed. Yet, as one tale of misery followed another and another, this writer simply responded with, "Uh huh, yep, uh uh, wow - that sucks." After deep analytical readings of all competitors in the event and some of whom will take part in the upcoming T.I. it was determined that a 2 hour "easy" recovery ride would take place in the morning with Hondo driving his beloved vehicle to my abode. A phone call in the morning would seal the deal and we'd be departing on a predetermined course that would allow for said "ride".

The next day began with a hearty breakfast prepared by my wife and excitement at the prospect of getting back into the saddle with Hondo once again. As the "partner" is thrilled to put the Arrowhead behind him, so am I as this marks the official start to hardcore training for the T.I. As I waited, staring at the phone wanting it to ring, it didn't. I began to wonder, "was I supposed to call him?" Like a 7th grader afraid to call the girl, I picked up the phone and ripped through the digits before I could change my mind. His lovely wife (yes, he's married - God bless her) answered and replied, "No", after I inquired as to his where abouts. Confused, I replied that we had a ride planned. She stated that he was at work and wasn't sure when he'd be home. She and I shared our frustration at the unpredictability that is Hondo.

I waited for another hour with no phone call. As the tears streamed down my face I left for OUR ride alone. So goes the pitfalls of being partners with HONDO.

More to come...


Dave Schuneman said...

Hey Eki-

I've been ready to roll @ 4 AM the past three Sundays to accomplish something like the ride you and I did back in December. My liking for said T.I. version simulations have been a shocker and plan to continue until spring. So, if Hondo can't remain dependable then keep me on speed dial...


Ari said...

Your shiny Dt Swiss rims are in my abode. They look fantastic and will give hundo lots of pain in the future.
more to come.