Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off The Grid

I have elected to sequester myself in this humble cabin.
Some might argue that the training season is the "best" season.  I must say that at times I agree with that sentiment.  In an effort to "be the best that I can be" I have made a decision that will no doubt cause a stir among some, namely the DBD'ers.  Suffice it to say that I have flung myself full on into the upcoming training season with reckless abandon. 

Two weeks of meditation have taken me to a cross roads.  I have chosen my path and it goes without saying that it is not the popular one.  O.k., o.k., it's "the one less traveled".  I was trying to avoid that phrase.  Through consultation with Mallory, Shackleton and Crazy Horse I have been cleared to leave my fellow DBD'ers in the dark about what my untested training regime consists of.

I can however, let my readers know that I have been sufficiently poked, prodded and tested in an effort to discern whether I am physically up to the challenges that await.  My physical possessions now consist of a loin cloth, bike shoes, bicycle, lap top (from which I write to you), and one spear. 

Please think of me in the coming months as I work to control my physical and mental being through deep meditation and physical feats of which I do not yet know.  I will see you on the other side at the Ragnorok and the Trans Iowa this spring.  I will introduce myself for you may not recognize me (think Tom Hanks in Castaway). 

If you see my lovely wife and two adoring cats, please send them my best.

More to come...


That's me on the left in an undisclosed location.


Charlie Farrow said...
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Tim Ek said...

Clarification needed: Mr. Farrow's comments, albeit demeaning, were accidentally removed by the administrator in an attempt to remove a vulgar retort from Mallory that simply could not be published. Apologies to those that are curious about the exchange.

Charlie Farrow said...

We need to get Eki the help he so desperately needs...It is tough to watch a once proud man self-destruct right in front of your eyes. one can only pray for a miracle!!!