Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Open Letter to the DBD

This letter is in reference to the upcoming Tuscobia Ultra - 150 miles.


 Men, as I lay awake last night, done with a day of training I shuddered as if a cold wind crept under me blankets. The sudden tremble came at the thought of pedaling (or in Kershaw's case foot traveling) a machine of torture (or pulling one) through an inconceivable distance. I shook me head and simply chuckled for I am in the company of MEN.

In this bleak and desperate time I find that honor may not be lost, for it is these MEN that I rest my weary head upon. Although, our salty little band of brothers may have fractured, it is not broken. It is events like the one that awaits in none but three sunsets that binds us.

Steadfast and with a full heart is the way in which these MEN will go forward. Stay salty, stay hard, stay nitty gritty. I will spread the word, I will tell the world your story as I know you would tell mine if I were in your place.

Respectfully yours,

Sir Eki

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