Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Lonliness

The winter doldrums have landed squarely on my shoulders. I've become irritable with myself. I complain out loud while riding to work. My training partners won't ride with me, they're too busy skiing. I curse the cold. And, when I say cold I mean, minus 35 degrees with the wind chill. It really hurts! Lately, I have resorted to shifting my commuter with my right foot manipulating the rear derailleur. You see, the ole girl is protesting just like I am.  I gave her (the bike) a bath at work the other day just to show her I still care and I think I could have made a little sand box out of all the grit that was on the floor.

I've been trying to be positive, but clearly losing the battle. I've tried to imagine how all of this will pay off in the summer when I'm wearing about 3 oz. of clothing and trying to flex a new frame. However, as the cold continues and the weather guy talks about more snow coming I can't help but wonder if it's all been worth it.

I know, I need a vacation! Hmm, Jamaica???

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Charlie Farrow said...

Dear Mr. Ek, Your constant complaining is decidedly unDBD-like. The other night whilst riding me Pugsley in Hartley in the sub-zero temps, my feet (whatz left of them) freezing, I wept tears of joys (for I felt so ALIVE) on the inside, but outwardly me features remained stoic as is our way. Please refrain from airing your misgivings as it disturbs the men.
Once again, concerned,