Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is There Tiger Blood in You?

I have Tiger's Blood in me.
 So, the storm that was hyped for a week straight was to hit Duluth, MN with a vengeance last night and today. I was so ready for a day off of work because of it. I didn't necessarily want the new snow, but the idea of relaxing at home sounded pretty good. I waited, I checked outside, I waited some more, just wind, a lot of wind. O.k., mega wind!! As I laid in bed worrying about whether there would be siding left on the house in the morning, not one flake fell from the sky. What a rip off! Guess this meant I'd be riding to work in the morning.

At about 5:40 a.m. I went in to say "Good Bye" to Amy as she lay all snugged up. Her only comment to me was, "Are you riding the long way?". "Yeah, duh, WINNING", was my response. She rolled her eyes. I took off with the previously mentioned "mega wind" at my back. It was bizarre as it seemed I didn't even need to pedal. Ahhh, but a guilty pleasure it was. Ultimately, I'd make the turns necessary to complete my loop and pay Mother Nature dearly. I finally became concerned when I found myself riding through "mini tornadoes" on the side of the road that tossed me around as if I were that kitten at the top of the page.  Seriously, at one point I was lulled into a track stand going down hill. Really? Really? That's wind.

Hey, at least it wasn't minus 20. Minus 20 is for fools and trolls.

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