Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Time it's Not About the Race

So, with the Salsa Two-Four looming large as well as the Dakota Five-O, I've decided that some regimented training might be in order. Therefore, I've hit the road so to speak. In other words, I'm pretending it's winter and knock'n out some pretty serious weekly hours (for me anyway). In order to get the appropriate amount of hours I'm back to my "long commute" to and from work each day. This "program" of sorts, requires an uncomfortably early morning for me, which I hate, but then soon LOVE once I'm under way. Sunrise in Duluth, MN is hard to beat. Seeing that big bright orb coming up over the lake is cool to say the least.

Then, I get to see all my "friends". Usually, they only become my "friends" when I'm on my 10th hour of a 12 hour race, but they've been visiting me so much lately, that they're now officially, know.

It's been a surprise every morning. "Hmm, who am I gonna see today?" I'm alone so much on the bike that I might be going just a little crazy as I mentally run through the dialogue with them. O.k., sometimes I say my part out loud. Their part happens in my head. Me - "Hey guys, how's it goin' this morning? You don't have to run away, I'm not gonna hurt ya". Them - "Not scared, Tim, just tryin' to keep up with Mom."

The Red Fox and her Kits was one of my favorites. I think the last little guy crossing the road really wanted to stay and chat, but the "fam" just wasn't waitin'. Me - "See ya later, little guy". He tore across the road, full speed, looking over his shoulder at me while trying to catch up to his brother.

Then, there's the red squirrels. I know, no big deal, they're everywhere, but the way they rip across the road, then that extra big leap at the end to get into the weeds cracks me up every time.

Keep an eye out for your friends. You're never alone out there.

On a different note, I've had a lot of time out there lately to sort out my next adventure and it's a biggy. Just gettin' it all straight in my head right now. Announcement coming soon. Remember, if it makes ya nervous, it's gotta be worth it.

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Boz said...

I miss the moose I saw several times in the swampy corner of Lavaque and Schultz road. Scared the crap outa me the first time I saw the huge black figure cross in front of me. Extra attention to the chamois after the ride....