Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm About to be a Dirt Bag

 One more race to go! Funny how it always comes back to the gravel. I start the season on the gravel, I end the season on the gravel. Wait! I'm a mountain biker, right? Is it o.k. to be a gravel grinder and a mountain biker? Can I have a split personality? I guess so. Hell, so many race a lot more disciplines than I do and they do just fine. Maybe the question is can I love both the gravel and the trail equally or do I proclaim my true love for just one? Ohhh, if the bikes could talk. For now, I'll just take it as it is and sort it out in the off season. To sum it all up, mountain biking plasters a smile on my face, while racing on the gravel wakes up a demon inside of me. That's good...right?

Check out the Dirt Bag if you get a chance, should be fun.


Jay said...

I am amazed by how organized Minnesota is and how many gravel rides you guys have...truly awesome! Good luck to the DBD Dirtbags, don't let anyone sit on and beat you in the sprint, make em work!!

Jimmer said...

Good luck Tim!If you get bored riding the gravel just think of me babbling on and on about s**t that does not pertain to you! On Monday I want a play by play of the race!!!!