Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey, Who Turned On The Lights?

Riding in the dark used to intimidate me. For some reason I would worry about it, constantly thinking that if something happened it would be more difficult to deal with in the dark. I dreaded the shortening of the days, like a cage was slowly being lowered around me.

Now, riding in the dark is like visiting with an old friend, in many ways I prefer it. The critters darting through my light, the deep thoughts going through my head, the knowing nods from fellow commuters.

The winter rolls on, so do I, through the dark, comfortable in my routine. So comfortable in fact that I begin to match my commutes to and from work to the minute. I find that I enjoy the familiarity of it all.

Then, it happened! Yesterday something seemed amiss. I quickened my pace as I entered into the hustle bustle of city streets. "Dude, you're really pushing this morning. What's up? I'm late for some reason, I need to stay on top of it. I don't want to have rush around when I get to work." Wait a second, there's no reason that you're late. You left at the same time as you do every morning." "But, I'm turning my light off, I must be behind schedule." That was the conversation in my head.

It donned on me, as I looked east, toward the big Gitchee Gummee for confirmation. Mother Nature had turned on the lights. The sun was up over the lake and the times, they were a changin'.

The cycle continues as we ride into another phase. It won't be long now...


Ben Welnak said...

I had the same feeling the other night...oh, the little things in life.

Ari said...

Eki, I am happy you have cycled through the darkness and are enjoying those first rays. How refreshing.