Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green Bay HEAT! Marathons Halted! Bike Riding BONKS!

The only thing handling the heat this weekend was the Mama of these eggs. She was camera shy though.
What a weekend! Another trip to Green Bay with the focus being Amy's half marathon. The weather was supposed to be HOT, with some thunderstorms. The rain never came, but the HEAT, MY GOD THE HEAT!!

My road ride would turn into way more of a battle than I ever intended. I went into what was supposed to be a 5 hour road ride, only to have it turn into a monumental BONK FEST! High winds, and 93 degree heat beat me to a pulp.

Great views were the only saving grace.

This barn looked like I felt.

I saw a lot of these guys as I tried to sneak in 100 miles on the day. The last 14 nearly broke me!

Now on to Amy's day. The race directors allowed the full marathon runners to opt for the half marathon while on course if they decided it was just too hot. 49% of them did just that. Only 10 full marathon runners would complete the course before the directors pulled the plug on the event.

The elites were flyin' for the time being.

Doin' my best as support crew. The "hand up" was flawless.

Check out that number - "Preferred Start" Gotta love it!

Here's the post race report.

We had a blast. The weather is always the wild card as we all know. Mother Nature will always have the final say.


Ryan Kratochvil said...

Love the videos. lol :) I'm glad Amy was able to finish without medical support.

Andy said...

If your ever in GB again and wanna go out for a ride....give a litte warning and i'll meet you out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Amy