Monday, July 23, 2012

Need a Break from Riding? Do This.

Sometimes "real life" stuff just has to be done. Houses need to be maintained, cars need attention, appointments need to be kept. It can't ALL be about riding the bike. And, I don't care how much you love biking, admit it, sometimes it just feels good to take a break from it. Too much of one thing can never be good...or so I'm told.

This past weekend only had one ride for me and it was at a leisurly pace with it's only purpose to hear the story of adventure that my training partner Farrow recently embarked on. We laughed, rode as slowly as possible, we laughed some more, and eventually parted ways with our usual good bye of "Never Change, You're Special". I thought to myself, "these are some of the best rides of the summer".

So, with riding taking a back seat, here's what my weekend consisted of.

  • A meet up with some friends from the Minneapolis area for some good brew and general good times. (Thanks R and E! Sorry about the Jerseylicious seen at Tycoons.)
  • A five hour battle with my deck, as I stained it in blazing heat. NOT FUN!!
  • A slow walk on the shore of Lake Superior with my wife Amy, who treated me to some ice cream...Mmmmm!
  • A Duluth Huskies game with my Dad in the very stadium I played my high school ball.

Sometimes it's o.k. to let the bikes "hang" in the garage, they'll be there waiting for you when you get back, I promise.

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