Friday, November 9, 2012

Racing in the Heat, Training in the Cold

Racing at home in Duluth, MN 2011
As I once again commence with training in the dark I can't help but get lost in memories of racing on hot summer days. The heat that seemed to settle on your back like an electric blanket on already sweltering body. I think back to cursing the sun for a brief time before remember what real cold feels like. I'll take the heat any day!

Training in last year's winter that never was.
Training season in northern Minnesota means gettin' tough. It's about training the mind just as much as it is about training the body. You tell yourself time and time again, "I can take it, I can take it", while the feeling slips from your feet and hands. "It'll all be worth it in the end ... I hope", I'd think while I performed the cost/benefit analysis in my mind.

So, as you head out the door with your last act being a glance at the temperature, think about those warm summer race days. Oh, and don't forget to grab a little nip of the "warm stuff" to share with your training buddies when you take that first break 4 hours later.

Hopefully I'll see you on the trail...



Anonymous said...

Hi Eki. I met you at start of the Heck. I was admiring your Warbird. You may recall that I told you I ordered one. Well she arrived and she is beautiful. Her name is Wanda. We'll see you at the races, but we'll be closer to the back of the pack. Mark Seaburg, Hopkins, MN

Tim Ek said...

So cool! You're gonna love it.

Thanks for the comment.

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