Thursday, January 21, 2010

Salsa Delivers!

Betsy agrees, Salsa's got the goods!

I am now flush with top notch gear. Salsa came through huge and blew my mind when I got into these boxes. It was the same feeling I had when I got my very first bike. Think about it, when you saw that thing for the first time you thought, "There is absolutely nothing that will ever top this!"

Chili Con Crosso

Big Mama
I'm looking forward to building these babies up and gettin' on their backs as soon as possible.


Charlie Farrow said...

The DBD congratulates you!!!
Bully, Bully!!!...We know that you shall Not disappoint the fine people at Salsa. Is there a place to affix one's holster on those fancy frames?
Best regards,

Rich said...

Hey Man . . . just found Your blog. Just yesterday I was wondering about Salsa. Good on You . . . I'm sure it will work out for both. I'm sittin' at the lake doing this, just installed a wireless modem thing. Cheers . . .

Anonymous said...

So Cool!

enduroloco said...

photos are up on my blog for my mamasita!

Ari said...

Tim, I am soooo happy for you! I spotted your name on the Salsa Blogo and I thought: Wait a minute I only know of one Eki. I wish you great success on your new bikes. The Chili rides suberb and I have been always lusting the Big Mama.