Friday, January 15, 2010


Salsa Cycles has found a spot on their 2010 team for ME! I will now be riding for one of the coolest bike companies on the planet. I can't wait to represent them, they've been nothing but professional since initial "talks" began a few months ago, proving that they are the stand up company I've always thought they were.
I will be blogging for them from time to time as well, so please check their site, Oh, by the way be sure to check out their bikes too, soooooo sweet!
Thanks again Salsa, you won't be disappointed.


Charlie Farrow said...

Dear Mr. Ek: We here at the DBD are thrilled for you as we give our direct approval of SALSA and all that it represents...Salsa does it right...a very cool company! BRAVO SALSA, well done, bully! Bully!!

George Mallory
DBD Club Memeber

Charly Tri said...

Welcome to the world of blogs. Your days will have so much more meaning now. The sky will be brighter, oh and don't forget all the groupies.

Charly Tri
XRC Club Member

grady said...

EkiSlab - Mighty Damn Happy for you, Tim!!! Right On! Your race history and collective efforts have paid off, and now that it's just January a few of the competitors out there are bailing when the temp drops and tempo rises, and you're looking at 2 more hours in the saddle...