Friday, April 2, 2010

The "U" in UPS Doesn't Stand for YOU!

Recently I ordered a new pair of shoes from sixsixone. Unfortunately, the wrong size was sent to me so I was forced to slog through the return process. Yesterday as I returned to my "mud hut" I noticed an odd looking package on my front porch. Odd in the way that it appeared to be completely mangled. When I picked up the box it sounded like it was full of marbles. The box was crushed and the cardboard was like a paper bag. Frantically I cut open the tape to investigate the contents - my new shoes (correct size this time). The toe spikes weren't even in the box any more due to both the packaging box and shoe box being completely ripped open. In fact, the little poisonous thing that keeps the contents dry was blown apart and all over the inside. Needless to say, I was LIVID!! Now I am forced to muck through the return process again while the season closes in.

One of the shoes was cracked lengthwise from toe to heel. Unbelievable! They must have run over it with the fork lift.


Jeremy Kershaw said...

Is that a "custom" footbed/insole?

Ari said...

I have an extra pair of Sidi Dominators in size 51mega if you need them. They have red buckles to match your Chris King hubs.