Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready To RACE!

It's funny how when a guy is nearing the end of a race season all he wants is to get back to the simplicity of training where there is no pressure to be FAST. I remember last season telling myself that training is so much easier than racing, yet now I'm getting to the point where I can't wait to race so I can let off on the training.

The miles and miles of mindless pedaling with no excitement wears a man down and causes him to question his existence. I was just outside of good 'ole Hermantown, Mn last night by myself with my ipod battery dead I was forced inside my own head thinking about how much I hated wind, how I'm so prone to get flats, how it's going to feel when one of these cars blasts me into the nearby woods from behind. The head plays games with the head, leaving one very confused. While racing can be complicated in and of itself with the analytical side of strategy and gear choices I always try to remind myself that it just boils down to pedaling, albeit pedaling hard.

Maybe it's this; races have an end, training really doesn't have an end, it just goes on and on. When you're done with a long ride, the next one is waiting for you, knocking on your door, you're never really done.

I want to race and I want to race now! I've got two brand new Salsa rigs that are getting very restless in their stables. I want gravel and I want single track. I'm gettin' all twitchy. I monitor my weight like an 8th grade girl. I eat like one peanut a day. Hell, I even monitor my....well, I won't go into that here, but my training partners know about this and it always puts a funny look on their faces.

The other day I was checking my online bank statement to see how bad things in the Eki economy are getting. It's not looking pretty. However, there was one shining star! My check for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival cashed!! Some people aren't fans of this fast paced roadie style mt. bike race, but I LOVE it. The idea of being in a race with world class cyclists, even if they are 15-20 minutes ahead of me is super cool. I love the atmosphere and the way all those people (thousands) are there for the same reason - bikes!

Let's get to the racing, I'm ready!

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Charly Tri said...

Whoa, you are eating a whole peanut? I can only inagine it it going straight to the hips.