Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back In The Saddle

A few phone calls came this week requesting a ride and some general questions about whether I'd ever ride a bike again. I gave it a few days, but ultimately decided, YES, I'd ride a bike again and YES, let's do this!
A couple hours in the saddle may do me some good, you know put those demons to rest. Time to move on.
L to R: Jason Buffington, Charlie Farrow, Jeremey Kershaw, Dave Schuneman, the author
My house served as the meeting point, so a quick jaunt to scenic Skyline Drive was only a minute away. Somehow this notion of my house serving as the jumping off point had me slowly moving through my routines. As I sauntered through my abode in my silken smoking jacket, with brandy in hand, I noticed a stirring in my front lawn. You see, the boys I ride with, they don't knock on doors, they just expect you to be ready.
Holy crap! They're here. I changed into something more suitable to cycling and was out the door. The two hour spin was good for the soul and it was amusing listening to Hondo second guess every decision he's made regarding the Trans Wisconsin. Wait a second, not so amusing when I think about how I loaned him a semi expensive piece of equipment that I'm certain will find it's way off of his bike and into the woods if he deems it too heavy (300 meters into the race). Oh well, I have witnesses hearing me tell him, "I want this back, don't just throw it into the woods!"
It was good to be back on the bike and my final message to the Dirty Kanza is this, "You almost killed me, but you missed. I'm back!"


Rich said...

Well done man...
I wouldn't trust him either.
Since I am likely picking him up at the end, if the equipment is not there . . . I will turn him around and make him retrieve it for ya.

Charlie Farrow said...

ps what piece of gear??? What are you talking about????