Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congrats to all Trans Wisconsin Finishers!

I just wanted to throw out a huge CONGRATS to my training buddies Charlie Farrow and Jeremey Kershaw for their epic adventure through the Trans Wisconsin. Also, major props to Joe Meiser (my partner in the trenches of Iowa and most recently the Dirty Kanza) for not only creating this beast, but for laying down a legendary performance before being forced out of the event due to time constraints.
I happen to know these guys as not only having souls of GOLD, but for being capable of pushing beyond what mere mortals consider limits.
Again, good work gentlemen. I'll make sure an extra finger of rum is offered to the lads at the next fire.

1 comment:

Charlie Farrow said...

BRAVO EKI!!!! Next year WE together slay the beast together for the betterment of MANKIND...
Your DBD Brethen,