Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm all, Anti "Big Ring"

O.k., I'm comin' off the first race of the 2011 season and feeling pretty good about things. I had a solid day on the bike, worked through the dark times, climbed well, and most importantly stayed "hooked on". Hell, I even had some gas in the tank for a run at the overall win.

Now, with that being said, those things I mentioned didn't come for free. I have a deep nagging soreness in my right knee and right glute from a crash mid way through the race on tar that brought stars to my eyes. I also have some fatigue in the 'ole dogs that penetrates to the bone. Oh, and I've got 'King Kong' on my back, but he goes by a new name - Trans Iowa.

So, as the days tick by 'King Kong' and I approach each other like spies meeting on a bridge in some Ukrainian country side. Until we meet in the middle I've vowed to stay out of the Big Ring. I tell myself that the "50" is no place for me now. I must resist the urge to shift with my left hand, I must stay in the small ring and spin. Just spin easy I say. It's hard, as I feel like every thing is taking too long and my legs are saying, "Dude, what's your deal?" In fact I was on my way to get the taxes done last night and I threw her up into the "Big Dog" to start cruising mode, when I realized, "Wait, you're all anti "Big Ring", remember?". Sh*t! Back down to the "little guy".

I am resigned to spin like a little kid on an under geared bike for the next 10 days or so. It feels so wrong and right all at the same time.

See you soon, Mr. Kong.


Phil B said...

I've often wondered what the point of the small rings are: Give me big or give me death!

Viv La 44

Ari said...

I think the 50 is a bit hard to turn effectively. I think a 46 or 48 would be a lot more useful specially if you have an 11 on your cassette.

Tim Ek said...

Thanks Ari, but I aint gonna fix what aint broke. That 50 has proven quite useful and rolled me to some gravel finishes that I'm pretty proud of.

Charlie Farrow said...

Methinks a 22 in the front will be appropriate if the weather forecast holds...Remember to clean and pack your DBD-issue revolver; I fear you may need it!!! Bring two cartridges in the event that me hands become "claw-like."