Tuesday, April 26, 2011

T.I. recap in progress, but until then...

Here's a list of what hurts:

  • Both feet oddly swollen and retaining fluids, incredibly sore
  • Left ankle sore, but don't remember hurting it
  • Ugly blister on right heel
  • Left knee sore
  • Right knee appears to have a baseball implanted inside of it and the skin is ripped off it in about three places
  • Both quads have been injected with cement and are fatigued to a degree that is impossible to explain
  • Right hip is severely bruised with skin torn off
  • Left side of lower back is tight and sore
  • Upper back deeply fatigued and sore
  • Both triceps - destroyed
  • The heels of both hands are deeply bruised from being on the hoods for almost 30 hours of vibrating gravel
  • Right wrist sore, but don't remember hurting it
  • Wound on left side of forehead, most likely from a helmet rub.
  • Several toe nails are sore to the touch, will most likely fall off.
  • Stiff neck
  • Eyes burn
  • Chest hurts when I take a deep breath
That pretty much sums up my physical being at the moment. Oh, and I'm typing this at 1:24 a.m., because my internal clock is so messed up right now that it feels like it's 2:00 p.m. Work should be fun tomorrow.

I wouldn't trade any of it. I've never felt more alive! And, hey I took 2nd place in the 2011 Trans Iowa. I'm gonna ride this wave, cause despite the list above, it feels pretty damn good!

My full re-cap is in progress, coming soon. I hope you like it.



Jeremy Kershaw said...


EB said...

Great ride man!

Doug said...

That sounds like a lot of suffering. Congratulations on the great ride!

Dave Schuneman said...

...and you'll do it all over again, right? Simply marvelous job!

Kid Riemer said...


Grady said...

You's a SLAB Tim!

Steve said...

Hardman, Rockstar :)

Guitar Ted said...

Heal up well and quick! I think I can point to a moment where a couple of those ills were gotten, but I'll keep my mouth shut!

Congrats, and again, a public thank you for your kind words today. Much appreciated.