Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Discovered in the Study of the DBD Headquarters. A note from Joseph Campbell to Sir Mallory. Was it a Code?

Left to Right: Sandy Irvine, George Mallory

In this myth, an ordinary person receives a "call to adventure" that compels him to leave an everyday world that he's psychologically and spiritually outgrown. He journeys into a dreamlike arena-a dark forest, a desert, a foreboding place. Along the way he encounters a teacher who instructs him in skills he needs to successfully achieve a goal that is now revealed to him. The protagonist is challenged to his limit by a series of terrifying and demanding trials before finally reaching and overcoming one final ordeal. Through these struggles he experiences a euphoric transfiguration and is forever changed. Unencumbered by personal limitations, he discovers new powers and purpose. He then sets off to re-enter his normal world. His last task is to share his discoveries, which promise a boon to his society that will somehow restore its vibrancy. He encounters many who are incapable of comprehending. Finally someone hears the message and arises as the next adventurer.

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