Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gettin' Hammered!

The view outside my garage. Shortly after photo was aquired I was blinded by snow from a wind gust.
I believe we've just been "upgraded" to full on blizzard status. Hey, I got the day off work!

A fat bike ride is scheduled for this coming Sunday with Jason (Salsa Cycles) and some of his friends, one of which is from California. Errin, this post is for you, bring an extra hat.

Looking forward to riding with you guys.



Errin said...

Uh oh.

MG said...

Woohoo!! I just installed a Nate on the front of my Mukluk! Excellent...

Lookin' forward to floatin' on big drifts with y'all soon. Looks like I may need to drive the Subie, 'eh?


Anonymous said...

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