Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Not Crazy, You're Just Lazy: 10 Things I'll Miss About My Winter Commute

This "list" is comprised of thoughts that have rolled around inside my coconut over the past few months while pedaling my bicycle through harsh and sometimes pretty mild weather. I thought I'd share them. Hopefully, a few will resonate with you.

I'll miss,

1. The few hardy animals that I saw in the same areas almost every day. One skunk who I appropriately named "Sally" (I have no way of knowing if she's even a girl - I always gave her a wide berth). Several deer who became so used to me passing that it got to the point where I'd have to shout, "Watch out guys, I'm comin' through". The crows who always seemed to be watching over me. I like to think they helped me get to work and home again safely.

2. Oddly, the rough relationship with the logging truckers with whom I shared the road. They rarely, if ever gave me enough space and we took turns gesturing to each other, if you know what I mean. Yet, through it all they had to be thinking, "What's with this guy on the bike, he just keeps coming back."

3. Awww, the sweet sound of a studded front tire rolling on a tar road. To me, it's right up there with the smell of a baseball glove in spring time.

4. Feeling a sense of victory after making it to my destination at minus 20 with the wind chill.

5. The dark. There's a sense of solitude and beauty in riding in the dark.

6. Marking the slowly changing height of the Sun at certain points in my ride, reminding me that winter is passing.

7. Giving a nod to the 1 out of 50 drivers who gave me a "thumbs up".

8. The temperature check being the 2nd thing I do each day, the first was getting out of bed.

9. Wondering what my two cats were thinking (probably nothing) as they watch me "kit up" each morning.

10. How hard and simple it all really was.


Death Rider said...

I really like #6, The lack of daylight in winter really gets to me. I've never noticed the sun that way, but I'll try it out now. Thanks DR

Doug said...

#8 is my routine as well. I also go on-line and check the wind speed and direction.

I'd add: The knowing wave of the other crazy biker out there riding in -20 weather. Only we really know how good it is.

Jeremy Kershaw said...

well said.