Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Teacher and the Student

DBD'ers meet all seasons.
Finally, Farrow and I are able to get together for a ride. Originally, the hope was to get into the woods for some fat bike riding, but a squall moved over our fair city and sat on us. Not knowing what to do I suggested we just ride our snow bikes on the roads. I mean there was about 9 inches of snow out on the city streets, why not? It was set, we'd meet, Hondo would be it goes.

Once we were together we did the usual and made fun of each other. He made fun of my experiment of riding with ski goggles on (which turned out to be AWESOME!) while I made fun of his fluorescent green golf visor that he wore instead of a helmet or eye protection. As we attempted to commence with the ride another delay came our way as Farrow inexplicably fell down while we stood still. No, he wasn't clipped in and got a foot stuck, he just tipped over into the snow while standing still. So sad...
The bottom of 7 Bridges Road, Duluth, Mn

We were off. Farrow was brushed off and the good times were rolling. We cruised down the lake walk, waving while the people gawked at us. One woman excitedly exclaimed, "I've seen those bikes on t.v.! I've seen them on T.V.!" We giggled and pretended to be surprised, then we quietly mocked her and speculated how she was probably embarrassed right about now. It was good to be in the company of one of the DBD's best.

Not sure where to really ride, we found salvation in the unplowed residential streets of east Duluth. We were Kings as we pedaled past aged men snow blowing their driveways. Our hearts soared as women stopped listening to their husbands as they drove past in metal boxes, straining their necks to catch a longer glimpse of us. It was good to be alive.

Then, Farrow guided me in the art of pushing the snow bike. You see, you can't always ride the beasts, some times you've got to earn the fun by pushing them. We picked 'em up and put 'em down (our feet that is) for a couple of miles as I told tales of my attempt to win last year's Heck of the North on the very climb we walked up. It was on this climb that I contemplated making my break for glory.

Shortly after summiting Hawk's Ridge in near white out conditions a robust figure stood proud next to his snow bike. Yes, the mighty Big Buff was out for a ride. 3 of the 4 DBD'ers together in a snow storm at the top of Hawk's Ridge. It was like a dream. Buff told wild stories of a near run in with Canus Lupus on his morning run, while Farrow and I soaked it all in like kids around a camp fire. Not to mention, we felt small and inadequate as we noted that it was Buff's 2nd workout of the day, it was shortly after noon.

Farrow instructed me on the finer points of air pressure in the big boy tires as I listened intently, even asking a question or two. I smiled to myself as the aged one gestured wildly at a large SUV that almost ended his time on this planet, while he told of the proper air pressure for these conditions.

Crazy Horse once said, "It's a good day to die". I say, "Today is a good day to be alive".


Biking Duluth said...

Any of you guys wipe out riding on snively today? I was drivin my van to town and, while passing a fat biker, he wiped out. As I came past him our eyes met and he could only laugh. I'm sure he stopped laughing sooner than I as I chuckled for a good five minutes. Been there, done that. Enjoy the snow guys!

Tim Ek said...

Surprisingly, it wasn't us. Maybe it was Big Buff.

rlove2bike said...

As well as all of you having fun, it was a fun read.

Thankd for the great post!!

Anonymous said...

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